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About us

Eloma is a company committed to positive social and environmental change.


We are passionate about being part of the movement to see systemic change in the Fashion & Textile industry. To redesign fashion’s business model with a focus on people and the planet. To stamp out inequality, exploitation, poverty, environmental damage and instead, enable sustained growth, opportunity and positive outcomes for all.


We are a research consultancy for emerging designers seeking ethical, sustainable and transparent supply chains. We aim to be the gateway for designers to work with artisans, garment manufacturers and producers from east to west and west to east.  

Are you finding it difficult to source and manufacture?


Eloma Consultancy was borne out of Emma’s difficulties in sourcing artisans and manufactures for her forthcoming collection. 


In starting out Emma felt like she was looking for a needle in a haystack in terms of trying to find partners who could work with small quantities or seek-out artisans to make her vision a reality - and she is based in Malaysia. So what would it be like for designers to find such partnerships when they aren’t close by?


She decided to make her mission to create and nurture long lasting sustainable partnerships between artisans, producers, manufacturers and designers and fashion brands wherever they both may be.


Emma has always been passionate about fashion, textiles and craft.  Living in South East Asia has allowed her to indulge in her passion for craft and this appreciation has never wavered.  Sadly there are some parts of the world where it is becoming a dying art-form and she doesn’t want that to happen.  


If you are a purpose driven brand or designer looking for ethical and sustainable sourcing and production solutions, get in touch!  We can help you realise your mission.

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