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Are we attired of office wear?

What will we be wearing when returning to the office in the ‘new normal’?

This article from the Independent highlights how the last 18 months in the grips of the pandemic will shape(!) future workwear.

Certainly, the influence of loungewear to which we have largely become accustomed during the pandemic will transform what we consider ‘work’ attire to be. We will start to see a shift to a more relaxed silhouette, one that fuses comfort with style. Current trends indicate we will see oversized silhouettes, casual accessories and rainbow colours coming into play. Think of it as levelled up loungewear! We are moving into a world where comfort and practicality are of equal importance to looking the part.

What are we currently seeing?

According to the Independent, flowy dresses sit perfectly in the hybrid of smart but comfortable and practical, jeans make the ‘cut’ be it paired with a smart t-shirt, knitwear is currently in favour - think knit dresses, co-ords and vests. Trainers also make the list.

What about suits?

The AW21 shows suggest we won’t see the end of suits - great news! Rather we will see a laid back version of what we have traditionally been used to. Trainers compliment a suit brilliantly and don’t detract from you looking smart, on brand or professional.

Now may also be the time to consider switching to more ethical and sustainable fashion brands for your workwear. I’m not affiliated with any of these but here are some that have recently caught my eye! Ninety percent - a London based brand who give 90% of their profits to charitable causes and those who make their collections, have some great knitwear, The Jodi Life - a slow ethical fashion brand based in India have dresses in beautiful vivid prints, Manava, a Cambodia based brand who work with artisans to produce wonderful accessories - there are many great sustainable brands out there to discover, or you can always go vintage!

The way we work looks to have changed permanently and this hybrid of working from both home and the office is reflected in the fashion trends we are seeing - but one that is being seen as a permanent shift, rather than a seasonal one.

What do you want to wear to work post pandemic?

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